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The Half-a-House


Oops Again!

I forgot to mention their neighbour: Wrinkly


He is often found strolling around the Market of Awesomebrix78 looking for a burger and is good friends with Pablo. If you want to see other characters from the Market mentioned please don’t let this expire then!




Yup! As I suspected!

Ok, last time, here is Alex’s image: ( BTW: Please check out updates below so this can make sense!)


Sorry Again!

Another issue stopped me from adding pictures to Pablo and Alex’s descriptions so here they are now: ( I may only be able to fit one)



Sorry there was an issue with the last update so I only got the mother in please read the lower up date before this!

The Dad:

Andrew Campaña loves to cook and help out at home, if he’s not relaxing at home in the couch watching TV, which miraculously wasn’t destroyed in the natural disaster, but did suffer because only one channel now exists: Chez Alberts Mystery Diner. He works most days to try and help pay for the car, but you need to help too!


Pablo Campaña:​​​​​​​​​​​​

​​​​​​Pablo is 21 but still loves to play with LEGO. He should get a job but he’s not quite sure what to do with his life. He is incredibly intelligent but isn’t quite sure how to use his brains.


Alex Campaña:

Alex is also 21 and looking for a job, but enjoys to get active and play soccer against the wall instead of sitting in front of a screen all day. She is energetic and always ready for a challenge, but not very useful to help her Mom.


Meet the Family!

I promised you an update at 75 so here it is! 

As a future author, I know that characters are very important to a story, so I have decided to introduce every member of this family in more detail.

The Family:

Living in Barcelona, Spain, are the Campaña family. Although Hurricanes are uncommon in this country, these unlucky victims lost their house to a particularly nasty one. They are trying to get back what they lost and currently they need to get a car, since theirs was destroyed in the Hurricane, but it costs 100 supports!

The Mom:

A hard-working lovin’ mother more commonly known as Bridget Campaña.  She is saving up to get a car and she has 76 supports already, but she needs your help!




The Market of AwesomeBrix78

A couple of years ago, a freak hurricane known as Hurricane AwesomeBrix78 took the top half of the house off and dropped it behind it. The roof was used to build a market on the base. It was named the Market of AwesomeBrix78 in memory of the hurricane that created it. The market supplies the family with essential needs to help them with the recent tragedy. It even includes a stall from the infamous Chez Albert's Parisian Restaurant.

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