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Terry Pratchett's Luggage

The Idea

Terry Pratchett's Discworld novels are full of strange and very unique characters and creatures. One of the strangest might be "The Luggage": A large chest made out of magical wood! Despite being a chest the Luggage can move with hundreds of small legs and is able to think and has a mind of its own! However this mind is mostly focused on eating anything or anyone who dares to threaten its master or simply happens to be in the wrong place at the wrong time!

Like most of Terry Pratchett's creations the Luggage is very strange and thus very special looking! It is something never seen before in any other fictional universe! Therefore it makes a great display piece and can easily be displayed on a shelf next to your Pratchett book collection or on your desk at work to show that you are a Pratchett fan!

Sir Terry Pratchett might be dead but his memory lives on through his creations! GNU Terry Pratchett!

The Build

The build is based on Josh Kirby's illustrations for the Discworld novels. Wile most of his drawings show a neat row of legs right next to each other i tried to incorporate as many feet as possible to mimic the fast and unpredictable movement of the Luggage!
The Luggage can be fully oppened and fully closed and has room for small items or minifigs to be placed inside!

The build consists of 251 pieces.

Dimensions (when fully closed):
  • Width: 9,7 cm
  • Length: 6,6 cm
  • Height: 7cm

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