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Sunken Scrap


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Sunken Scrap

An historic wreck on the ocean floor!  But what’s this!?  The Alley King is using this precious piece of history to store his ill-gotten gains!  What will happen when explorer & villain collide?

Set Features -

                 1.  Secret Vault - Use the Alley King's crowbar to turn the ship's steam
                      vent then watch as the paddle-wheel moves to reveal a hidden vault!
                 2.  Perilous Pit-Trap - Catch a glimpse of gold?  Watch out!  The grate over
                      the vault tilts down, bringing forward a menacing mechanical monstrosity!

  • 2 Steam Powered Submersibles! - With designs stolen from the Exploratorium, the Alley King constructed his own deep-sea surprise!  Can the original escape the clutches of this villain's maniacal modifications?  Or, will it become just another piece of Sunken Scrap?
  • 8 Minifigures - The Alley King & his Custom Diving Suit, Allie Kat & her Powder Blue Diving Gear, the Exploratorium Diver, & Exploratorium Pilot.
  • Clockwork Animals! - 1 Giant Octopus, 1 Crab, 1 Bug, 1 Stolen Gen II Submersible Model, & 1 Mechanical Monstrosity.

Other fun details include -

  • The Paddle-Wheel spins independently from the vault mechanisms.
  • Historic shipwreck, loosely based on the SS Savanah, an early hybrid steamship.
  • Steampunk themed hats & accessories.

Designer’s Notes –

I thought of the idea for Sunken Scrap while rendering Exploratorium.  It's a departure from my previous projects, the purpose there being to craft a Steampunk World, & is instead focused on creating a Steampunk Adventure.  I hope you all have as much fun with my little adventure as I did making it.  So let's get those propellers churning by clicking the support button & together we’ll have a deep-sea, steam-filled adventure!


      ~ Scott

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