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UP House Disney Pixar

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Since UP is one of my girlfriend (and I of course) favorite Disney Pixar Film, we want to share with you my personal MOC of the so beloved "Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen House".

After the first project had expired, we made some modifications to the second version:

  1. after many attempts, we stille decided to keep the “2x2 bricks” in order to recreate the HUGE BALLOONS coming out from the chimney. We tried with “2x2 dome bricks” but there would be too many empty spaces (like a chupa-chups dispenser);
  2. the project still counts 2999 pieces;
  3. we have added some more details to the inner furniture of the 1st floor;
  4. the project finally has come to life! The 2nd, 3rd and 4th  pictures has been taken from the real UP House!

The external walls are still made with a lot of tiles in order to re-create the "angled wood effect" of the original house, and the 1st floor can be enlightened with LEGO led in order to better look at the furniture details. So, after the latest update, we are now happy to introduce you...  

"THE UP HOUSE 2999.2"

By Marco & Veronica

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