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The UP! House 2999.2

Hi, this is Marco and Veronica writing, welcome to the new update of the UP! House 2999.

In 6 months of Lego Ideas, exhibitions and social communities, we have decided to improve our MOC, taking into account the many comments received from our AFOL colleagues, fan and followers. We also take this opportunity to thank you all for your support!

The update is called 2999.2 since we have succeded in keeping the number of bricks which has been one of the funniest features of out MOC; here are the main innovations (the pictures has been taken from the LDD project and rendered using

  1. we have resized the house and manage to "squeeze" it in a 32x32 baseplate. In this way, the ratio of the external walls is more faithful to the movie than before (in particular the longside ones), and you will be able to put it in a "modular size city";
  2. we have modified some detalis like the colour of the left side of the house (now in "bright light yellow" rather than "lime green"), changed the design of the two dependances using the "1x1 half circle and quarter tiles", re-built the famous chairs of Mr. and Mrs. Fredricksen and, finally, we have lighten the roof (see the picture 2, 3 and 4);
  3. one of the main discussed features of our project were the balloons. We have received a lot of tips and suggestions about them and we can assure you we have simulated them all. At the end, we decided to keep our idea, i.e. the 2x2 brick simulating one balloon. However, as you can see in picture 5, we have totally re-designed the inner body, emptying the core and lightening the structure.
    In this way, we managed to add even more balloons!

Keep on supporting us!
All the best

Marco & Veronica


Enlightening the house

Yesterday evening I was looking at our house and thought: “why don’t we add some lights”? 


800 Thanks, now let’s go to 1K!


But.. there are no pink LEGO windows so big... what’s the problem? Use some pink stickers!


First 500 done! Now 1.000!

Thanks to all of you for the 500 supporters step!

Now let’s reach 1.000!!


More pictures and more Baloons!

We have rebuilt the baloons and find some new minifigures!


More baloons and details

We have made a more solid structure of the baloons since the previous was unstable and unbalanced.

We’ve added some particulars like the stickers of the mailbox and the bigger windows!

Thabk you everybody for supporting us! Marco&Veronica

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