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The Planetarium

since ancient times man has been intrigued by space, fascinating and dark at the same time.
Already the ancient Greeks had sweated the stars and created instruments of incredible precision to calculate the moon phases. The planetarium of Archimedes is famous, an instrument considered legend if not for a few tests, including a small gear. The planetarium represented the sun with the Earth revolving around it and the Moon around the Earth, an instrument of incredible precision would even have made it possible to calculate in advance the solar and lunar eclipses.
The science of the Greeks was then lost in the Middle Ages and we had to wait for great scientists such as Copernicus or Galileo to understand how space is made. Since then the discoveries have been practically continuous. Increasingly accurate and complex tools have allowed us to calculate what a century before was only imagination.
My planetarium represents these first instruments: it is a dedication to the first scientists who, without precedent, had to do enormous work.

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