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Red London Telephone Box



Hi everyone

At the time of posting this update the model only needs 125 more votes to reach 10K. However before it reaches its goal there are a couple of last minute improvements and new features I've been wanting to add to the model. Hope you like them...


The telephone box now includes a LEGO Light Brick built in to the roof. The top of the roof can be pressed down which activates the light brick and illuminates the interior of the phone box. This is a feature I intended to add right from the start and I think it will make the model more interactive and will look great with the interior details lit up.


I've added 3 brick built pigeons to the model. These help to compliment the London city street scene and also in my opinion add a bit of character to the model.

A massive thanks as always to everyone who is supporting the project. I really appreciate it.

Thank you very much

John (Bricked1980)


Thank You for 9000 Votes

A huge thanks once again to everyone who is supporting my project, Red London Telephone Box. I'm excited to say it's now reached over 9000 votes and just has a few hundred left to go.

Thank you all very much for your support, I really appreciate every single vote.


Special Blue Tardis Edition

Hi everyone. A few people had suggested they'd like to see a version of the phone box in blue. So just for fun, here it is, an alternate version inspired by a certain long running BBC Sci fi show.

As always thanks for all your amazing support on the project, it is now very close to 7000 votes.

I hope you like these new images. Please feel free to leave a comment, I'd love to know what you think.


5000 Votes, halfway There!

Thanks so very much to all of you who've voted for my project and helped it reach the halfway stage of 5000 votes. I'm really grateful and I appreciate every single vote. Thank you very much.


1000 Supporters, Thanks So Much Guys!

I wanted to say a massive thank you to everyone who has supported this project so far and helped it reach 1000 votes in its first week. It means a lot to me that people are kind enough to take the time to support my design and I'm really grateful for each and every vote. So once again thanks very much everyone.

I'm also aware that people have been busy posting about the model on social media which is really helpful and I really appreciate it, so thanks very much for that too.

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