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The Escher Room


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This is a collaborative project between me (aka @ColonelCandy) and my little brother (aka @IntrepidGarlic015).

Welcome back to the world of Labyrinth, where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems!

Before talking about the build itself, I would like to introduce LEGO IDEAS to the newbies: The purpose of this platform is to give LEGO fan builders, like me, the chance to see their creation on shelves. To get this chance, a project must first gain 10,000 votes from fans - only then will the LEGO Group review the project and give the go/no go signal that can lead to production.

Want to have this set? Here’s the way it must be done:
- Create a LEGO account (if you don’t already have one),
- Click on the “SUPPORT” button.
That’s all! It’s easy, quick, and there is absolutely no fee. 10K votes is a lot, so I need you, all of you!

Enough chatting, let’s take a look at this build!

This is the perfected version of my original submission, the Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Escher Room. It is sturdier, more intricate and more accurate than ever before!

This majestic collectible, yet playable, 2905 pcs display piece is focused on the iconic Escher Room. It’s that room, inspired by M.C. Escher’s Relativity artwork, where confusing stairs are mixed with multiple centers of gravity for a spectacular effect.

There are two big differences from my previous version: The first one being that there is no illegal* technique in any part of the new build - everything is done with SNOTing**, from the arched doorways lying sideways to the double-sided stairs that allow classic upside-down scenes to be recreated. This new technique also helps create a clean, polished finish.

The second one is that, this time, it’s a collaborative project between me and my brother. He has provided advice and a lot of great ideas such that it is just natural that he is now my teammate in this journey. He also designed the new version of the book, giving it a beautiful and textured binding!

But it’s not all. References to fan-favorites characters and scenes are everywhere:
- The beloved Ludo is here, with his friends the rocks,
- The Worm can be found beside the posable Eye Lichen, waiting for you with a cup of tea — 'ello!'
- A spying Goblin King, transformed into his owl form, is well established in his own little arch and two more owls can be found on the base near the iconic 13-hour clock,
- Evil Nipper Sticks are transported through the hedges of the Labyrinth, themselves ornamented with obelisks,
- The terrible Bog of Eternal Stench, which can be found on the back of the set, is complete with lianas for the characters to escape with - Smell bad!
- To top it off, the Labyrinth book, Lancelot, stars, crystal balls, chickens and a tunable lipstick arrow are also present!

But a good LEGO set would never be complete without minifigures.
This is why Sarah, with her lipstick and plastic bracelet; Jareth the Goblin King, with his crystal ball; and adorable Baby Toby are all included and ready for new adventures!

Note: All minifigures posed up-side-down can really be placed this way!
Please hit that support button so fans the world over can add these unique memorabilia to their collection!

*An illegal technique is a type of connection that official LEGO designers are not allowed to use because it may stress bricks or is not very stable.
**SNOT: Stud Not On Top

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