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Jim Henson’s Labyrinth: Escher Room


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Welcome to the world of Labyrinth, where everything seems possible and nothing is what it seems…

I’m glad to introduce to you, my latest project, Jim Henson’s[1] Labyrinth[2]: Escher[3] Room, all made of LEGO[4].

  1. Jim Henson: Famous creator of the Muppets, Sesame Street, Dark Crystal, Fraggle Rock, Sid the Science Kid and much more!
  2. Labyrinth: Cult 1986 musical fantasy movie,
  3. M.C. Escher: Popular 20th century Dutch artist, known for his mathematic and mind-boggling sculptures, paintings and prints.
  4. LEGO: You know, LEGO.

— What is that anyway? interrupts Hoggle.


— Whoa, Plastic!

Will Sarah rescue her baby brother? Will he be turned into a goblin? Will Sarah remember the right lines? Make your own Labyrinth journey and recreate your favorite moments from Jim Henson's classic movie.

This is an accurate play and display set. It’s focused on one of the most iconic scenes of Labyrinth, the Escher Room. When Sarah enters the castle beyond the goblin city, she finds herself in this enigmatic and confusing room full of stairs. Inspired by M. C. Escher’s “Relativity” work of art, where the stairs, each stranger than the last, and multiples centers of gravity coexist. In the movie, this is also the scene of the song “Within You” performed by David Bowie.

This set includes many playable details and features:

The design of the stairs makes it possible to place the included minifigs of the main characters (Sarah, Jareth and baby Toby) in any direction, including upside down. They are two sided to give as much playability as possible and a beautiful finish to the build even when looking at it from above. I used some illegal building techniques to do that, which means using pieces where they were not meant to be or in unusual ways.

― That’s not fair! shouts a scandalized Sarah.

No it isn’t, but that’s the way it is!

Behind the set is a door that allows placing minifigs on the isolated stairs in the arched entryway.

― How are you enjoying my labyrinth? snickers Jareth.

It’s a piece of cake!

There are lot of authentic details: A turnable lipstick arrow drawn on the floor and a Jareth in owl form eavesdropping on Sarah. The sides of the base have many elements in common: Crystal balls, stars and chickens – Cuz the movie has chickens unnumbered!

Each side has unique decorations: The front side of the base includes the iconic 13 hours clock with turnable blades, a golden owl and feathers both referencing the owl form of Jareth.

— Left or right? asks Hoggle, alternatively pointing toward each direction.

Turning to the right you have some Eye Lichen, which are posable, The Worm and his cup of tea…

— Come inside, have a nice cup o’ tea! offers The Worm.

Maybe some other time.

Right again, you have the logo of Labyrinth and the last side has the memorable Ludo with lots of rocks.

— Rocks friends! explains Ludo, cheerfully.

On top of the stairs is a hedge, like in the labyrinth Sarah passes through, with three obelisks standing on top. Throning over the whole piece is the book and the Lancelot plush, the elements that precipitated this dazzling journey to the underground.

The set includes minifigures for the three main characters:

  • Sarah (Jennifer Connelly), with her lipstick and bracelet,
  • Jareth, The Goblin King (David Bowie), with his crystal ball, and
  • baby Toby (Toby Froud).

Technical details:

  • Use of SNOTing (Stud Not On Top) for the arches that are on their side, the hedge and in the details of the base;
  • Use of illegal techniques for the two-sided stairs, some of the details on the base and the book;
  • Pieces printing in Part Designer, building and rendering in;
  • Decals for the printed pieces created in Inkscape;
  • Pictures retouched in Affinity Photo;
  • This set has exactly 3000 LEGO pieces;
  • More pictures here: .

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Chilly down and brick on!

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