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Imperial State Crown


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Every LEGO fan is a king/queen of their LEGO Kingdom; what is a monarch without a crown?

Created with MLCad, this unique LEGO crown jewel is based on the Imperial State Crown of the United Kingdom's Queen Elizabeth II and will surely stand out as a centerpiece for LEGO collectors anywhere!


Some comments on the specific images:

Overview: The model's foundation is the white ermine (fur); the crown's band is mounted on the sides.  The band consists of 12 sides, each bordered by studded hinge ends and "pearl" white round plates.  The velvet center is semi-hollow, with some interior support.  The frame largely consists of chrome, metallic gold, and trans-white plates, the precious stones of emeralds, sapphires, and rubies made up of trans-green, trans-blue, trans-red parts, and diamonds of trans-white parts.  The velvet center is deep purple, though could alternatively be crimson red or royal blue. The two arches originate at large hinges and the links are made up using two/three finger hinge parts, with hinge bases securing the arches to the velvet cap.  Some of the finer details are made up of various hinge, bracket, and TECHNIC parts.  In total, there are 2,991 parts.  Near scale to its inspiration, its dimensions are approximately 10.63" x 10.63" x 12.75" and its widest points.  Note: this model is for display only and not to be worn.

Image 2: Looking at the crown's side profile, some differences from the original Imperial State Crown are slightly different precious stones around the band.  The crown is also perfectly circular, vs. more oblong which is suited for a head.

Image 3: The "crown" of the crown is the diamond-studded orb, containing the St. Edward's Sapphire believed to be worn by Edward the Confessor.  The orb is covered in "diamond" trans-white parts, largely via use of bracket parts and bricks with side studs.  Another difference from the model's inspiration is no large pearls on the arches are added.  The two arches and the orb are given additional support by an axle propping it up.

Image 4: A close up of one of the fleurs-de-lis, they are mounted by TECHNIC axles, big and small, cams, bushes, teeth, and other TECHNIC parts.  The intermediate blue stones are set in metallic gold 1x1 round plates.  

Image 5: On the back of the crown, the large blue stone on the band is the Stuart Sapphire, which was originally mounted in the front in place of the Second Star of Africa.

Image 6: The crown's focal point is the large white diamond, the Second Star of Africa, and above it the Black Prince's Ruby spinel.  The other stones are set in metallic gold.


This proposed model was created with the intention of creating a truly unique, historical, and beautiful display.  Apart from having a personal affinity for all things British (in particular, the Royal Family), things "royal", as well as things "British", appeal to many people.  Should this projected be considered, there's plenty of time before (possibly) the Platinum Jubilee in 2022 which could make for an appealing time of release and increased interest/demand.

This LEGO model would no doubt be an exclusive collector's item for ages to come.  Please support this project, give our LEGO collections the royal touch, and long may it reign with LEGO for years to come!  Thank you for your support!

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