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Micro Farm


This project stemmed from a barn I made using Lego Architecture.  I decided to rebuild it in color and add a few specialty pieces, and then expanded it into a whole scene.  I decided to share it since I found some unique ways to use pieces for micro-scale building. 

The farm yard contains a farm house with a front porch and a deck, a barn, silo, shed and cornfield.  There is also a well, tree house with ‘rope’ ladder, shed, and boat dock.  I used a few different methods to try to create trees at this scale.  No farm is complete without an old pick-up truck and a tractor, and there is a broken down car parked along the dirt driveway under the trees, waiting to be repaired. 

This project was a fun attempt to try to build a scene at a consistent micro scale.  I hope it inspires more micro builds!

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