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Interstellar is one of the most impressive movie of the 2010s. The Christopher Nolan’s masterpiece is about exploration, science, space, time, family, environment and love. 

As in the movie, this set treats the concept of space-time:

  • Space: At first sight, the set seems to only represent the Cooper’s farmhouse, but a secret feature reveals the black hole center, Joseph and TARS. 
  • Time: Tom, Murphy and Joseph minifigures are available in 2 different versions to recreate all the scenes of the movie. On the 7th picture, through the bookcase, Joseph sees the past and the present at the same time. 

The farmhouse is composed of 3 rooms: 

  • Kitchen: place where all the family gathers together.
  • Living room: study place where there are blueprints, science books and the Murphy’s lunar module.
  • Murphy’s room: key room of the set, it’s the interaction between Earth and space, the interaction between the past and the present and the interaction between Joseph, Murphy and the fate of the mankind. There are a Morse code book, Joseph’s watch and a paper with « STAY ». 

9 minifigures: 
  • Joseph Cooper (Earth)
  • Joseph Cooper (space)
  • Murphy Cooper (young)
  • Murphy Cooper (adult, with her father’s jacket)
  • Tom Cooper (young)
  • Tom Cooper (adult, with his bandana against smoke and dust) 
  • Donald Cooper 
  • Professor John Brand
  • TARS 

To conclude, this set represents all the Interstellar’s universe. There are the most possible elements and references while being coherent.
It would be a great LEGO set because it is playable, can be exposed, has a big secret feature and makes you relive this wonderful story.

The whole model has 2932 parts.

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