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The Old Flour Mill


The Old Flour Mill was inspired by many old Lego sets available in the 1970's and I always thought they were so cool. I wanted to make a nice windmill but also add playable features like "grinding" wheat (or bricks) into flour by using a renewable energy source to teach kids about conserving energy as well. Also recently Lego has not produced windmills but wind turbines. I wanted something more classic and more rustic that would fit into some nice scenery. I also wanted it to be motorized so I added a hidden battery box that is exposed in the back along with an M-Motor under the scenery to power the whole mill.

Features of the Model:

  • Adjustable speed motorized windmill and grinding stone
  • 360 Degree rotatable windmill (The piece on top that will swivel).
  • A scenic garden that can be expanded outside of the model
  • An old style windmill design to appeal to all ages!
  • Many more features to come in updates! Stay tuned!

Windmills originate from about the 9th century and have evolved through time to become what I present to you above which is a flour mill. They were also used to grind corn and pump water when they were used. Today they are used as a renewable energy source for electricity and are very sustainable.

I hope that you will take the time to support, share, and follow this design. I hope my love of windmills can take a Lego form for many to enjoy. I hope you will help me and yourself get to 10,000 supporters. Please any critics or suggestions are always welcome! I am happy to improve on my design if possible!

Many thanks!

-Railway Enthusiast 

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