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Baseball Park

The Great American Pastime
Baseball has been a one of three sports to make a great impact on my life and was certainly the sport that I took up first. I was throwing a baseball as soon as I could walk practically and though I eventually grew apart from baseball, the joy that it has brought me throughout life still lingers. I wanted to create something on the minifigure scale that could find its home in the cityscapes or as a standalone piece for those who just love the game.

If you build it, they will come
With this build, I wanted to capture the main details of this game I love while packing it into a size that could still fit on a shelf - true minifigure scale would be enormous so some of the features are closer together than they realistically should be. While I wanted to include seating, I did not want them to take away from the backstop that I designed which I believe is one of the standout features of this build. Therefore you can find bleacher seating at the left and right sides of the outfield. If there are fans, they also need hotdogs and soda and you can find both at the concession stand. Just above the concession stand is the announcers booth which features two seats and a microphone. The announcers booth and both dugouts have removable roofs in order to arrange the interiors as you see fit. In addition to these features, you may also notice that each dugout has its own bullpen for the pitchers to warm up before going into the game.

Assembling all of the pieces
In total, this build takes up less than 2990 pieces including the individual parts of the 10 minifigures shown here.

Play ball!
I hope you like this build and would like to add it to your city skyline or simply add it to your collection or even your desk. You can relive moments or create your own new memories with this ballpark. Thank you and please let me know what you would like to see in the future!

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