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Lego Modular Expansion Pack


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I designed this with the Parisian Restaurant in mind, but it is made to be totally modular and used with any Modular from Lego or custom built. The central part of my idea is the park, which in turn can be used as a larger park or two smaller ones, on the likes of the Lego Pet Shop modular.

But there’s more! Four additional 16x32 platforms allow to create endless combinations and add squares within your modular towns, make a standard modular look like a corner one, or create your own and unique combination. Did I mention that there's also a colourful mosaic?

There's a bunch of accessories, from a fire hydrant to a comfy bench, and some of them are used to disguise the standard Technic brick used to connect modulars.

And if that was not enough, you will get a lot of accessories to make your city stem to life!
There's a newspaper kiosk, designed to remind the Parisian ones, a crepes rickshaw, a trash trolley, a monumental statue, two wonderfully flowered trees and a big oak tree to give some shade in the park.

And then several other smaller accessories that can be used with this set or all over your modular town.
And, last but not least, there’s 7 minifigs (and a dog) to animate the town!

If you are a real modular fan, you can’t miss this!

  • The part count is 2,779, plus 7 minifigs.
  • You could build a square as big as 64x48, or smaller squares with one or two separate parks, and connect them to your modular buildings.
  • All accessories can be removed and placed anywhere in your town.
  • Connector accessories can be used as normal accessories, or to connect to other modulars with a Technic pin.
  • Parks have standard pinholes to connect to other Lego modulars.
  • Kiosk has moving front stand and roof can be removed to reveal the inside. The newspaper stands inside can be removed.
  • 2 16x32 modular parks, that can be combined into one 32x32 park. Each park has an extra fence to be used when in standalone mode.
  • 4 16x32 platform, one of which is decorated with a mosaic
  • 3 trees, one big oak tree and two flowered trees
  • Newspapers kiosk, inspired to Parisian ones
  • Crepes rickshaw
  • Litter trolley
  • 7 minifigures: kiosk owner, old businessman, jogger woman, dustman, crepes man, lady with the dog, young girl
  • connector accessories: mailbox, differentiated litter bin, public telephone, drinking fountain
  • litter bin
  • hydrant
  • bench
  • birds fountain 
  • two bikes with stand
  • bollards with chain
  • breaking news sign 

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