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Lego Modular Expansion Pack


Spring is just around the corner

Spring is just around the corner, and flowers are blossoming in Brick Park.


Some new photos with lights and dark background

I haven't used lights feature very much, but they really look good on lamp posts, and in the kiosk, with a dark background.


Brick build project

I have build some of the elements of my project with real bricks, as a proof of concept.
Not everything is exactly as in the digital renders, as I couldn't always source all the pieces I needed.
The tree is exactly as the original one, execpt for the colours (dark brown pieces are very expensive), the park, only one half, is very similar, while the statue is basically brand new.

I have shot some photos of it with some of my custom buildings.
It shows how many possible combinations you could do, just by moving the platforms, park and various modular items.
You can find more photos, also with other official modular sets, on my Flickr page.


Celebrating the 5K milestone!

Celebrating the 5K milestone, and starting to climb up to 10K.
This would have not been possible without your great support!
Thank you very much!


Stay at home!

Stay at home and save lives!

- respect social distancing (3-6 studs, 3-6 feet or 1-2 meters at least)
- wash your hands frequently
- wear protective masks

And last but not least, support my project in Lego Ideas, the Lego Modular Expansion Pack! 


Some small updates

Follwing the supporters feedback, the minifgs are confirmed with the new school expressive faces.

And also, four platforms will be included, allowing for more varied combinations and possibilities, to allow you to make your modular towns layout more interesting.

Let me know in the comments sections if there's any change or improvement you'd like to have.
I'm open to suggestions, as I think that, with your help, there's still more potential I could get from my project.

Thank you for your continous support!


Breaking news!!!

Breaking News!!!
The Lego Modular Expansion Pack achieves 2500 supporters!!!

Thank you!



Minifigs are celebrating the new year with fireworks in my Lego Modular Expansion Pack.


Season's greetings!

More snow has fallen tonight on my Lego Modular Expansion Pack, as more people queue up to get a hot cup of chocolate.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to everyone that supported and will support my project.



Kiosk with the Oak Tree

The oak tree can also be placed outside the park, as all the accessories in my Lego Modular Expansion Pack.
In this way you can modify your modular time endless times and in the the way that you like the most.
In this render I'm now using the expressive faces for the minifig, as most people faved this solution.

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