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Pizzeria & Apartment Building


This is a four story corner modular building that fits on a standard 32x32 baseplate. I am not sure of the total piece count, but I would guess it is around 1,750 pieces. There are five units in this building: a pizzeria, an ice cream parlor, an accountant’s office, and two one-bedroom apartments.

The pizzeria is a two level restaurant with a full kitchen including a brick oven, dishwasher and an industrial refrigerator. On the ground floor there is a counter where you can order pizza and a small table. The stairs in the back of the restaurant lead to the second floor where there is a restroom, a dining room and an outdoor balcony where patrons can sit and enjoy their pizza.

On the ground floor of the other half of this building there is a small unit that houses an ice cream parlor serving ice cream cones and bars. There is also a lobby which has a wall of mail boxes for the apartments and an elevator leading to the upper levels. The second floor has an accountant’s office and the third and fourth floors each have a one-bedroom apartment. The elevator also provides roof access if repairs are needed.

There is also a lot of detail on the exterior of the building. There are tables on the sidewalk to be used by customers of either the pizzeria or ice cream parlor. On the wall there is advertising for the local amusement park. All the windows have molding on the exterior which complements the masonry bricks used in the build. The roof top has some subtle texture coming from the arches and studs used.

As for the minifigs of the set, I would like there to be a chef to make the pizza and someone to serve the ice cream, but I leave the rest up to LEGO.

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