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LEGO Friends Three Star Cat Café

Check out this fun café full of cats!

My daughter started collecting LEGO Friends sets to make a town, but I realized there was no cat café! To fix this problem, I designed this one for her. I’m sharing it with you in the hope that others can play with it too!

Five pampered kitties live on the first floor of this elegant two-story cat café. The café is full of things for the cats to do. There is a scratching post, cat tree, and cat bed for them to use. There are also two kitty seats in the large bay windows for them to check out what’s going on in the town. The balcony is great for getting fresh air. The cats can play with the rat toy or ball when they are bored or in a playful mood. There is also a brush that guests can use to stroke the pampered cats. The café has two cat bowls for them to eat and drink.

The café is on the second story of the building. There are two couches and a table where friends can hang out while they sip on coffee and tea. It is very convenient for the guests since there is a counter to buy food and drinks right next to the seating area. The café has the latest model coffee and tea maker ready to serve guests. The guests really enjoy hanging out with the cats while they’re in the café!

The façade of the building is reminiscent of something you might find in Paris. Light yellow bricks look amazing with all the white and pink details. There are three stars at the top of the façade, which is how the building got its name. The orange cat sign has an adorable pink nose and shows everyone what fun is to be had inside. The rose vines climbing up both sides of the building are a lovely accent to the set.

This building would fit perfectly into your LEGO Friends town. It is about the same size as other LEGO Friends buildings and has a unique, but familiar, style. It’s easy to play with because the second story comes off for easy access to both floors. It also has a stunning sign, like many other LEGO Friends stores.

I hope you enjoy the design and I appreciate your support!

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