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Giant Manor (Lonely Fortress 6)


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This "Giant Manor" modular design was inspired by European manor houses. A manor house is a concept similar to a castle. It is probably a little smaller than the castle, or it was made by remodeling the mansion, so the castle shows a slightly different appearance. I wanted to show the transformation of a beautiful mansion. It was once a beautiful home, which was destroyed during the war and rebuilt. Transformed into a small but strong fortress-like house.

It is a three-story house with a basement.
On the basement floor, there is a kitchen and storage area where delicious food is being prepared. 
On the first floor, weapons such as spears and swords were mainly placed. In the event of a battle, it is ready to be armed and ready to fight.
The second floor is a dining space, where a large table. In case of emergency, everything is cleared.
The third floor is a space for relaxation. Inhabited by beds and arrows.
The beautiful exterior decoration of the three-story building has been changed to look like a terrifying giant to enemies. It sounds like you're screaming to be afraid.

Small features, overall modular form. Here, the second floor made it possible to lift the plates. I wanted to make each layer detachable while maintaining the look.

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