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Naruto: Ichiraku Ramen Shop


Walking on water

We didn’t expect to write this update so soon, but supporters escalated really fast today, so we wanted to do it before the idea reaches 10k supporters =).

So, this is the last update with renders/content of the project. Being it a so special time, we wanted to add as many characters as possible and recreate a happy moment of the series. For that reason, we decided to make a “walking on water” trainining session with the team seven all together, as well as Iruka and Jiraiya. In this training, the young genins learn how to walk over water fucusing their chakra in their feet. All of them seem to be doing good except Naruto...

This is just another demonstration of the playability the set offers with the minifigures it includes. Enjoy this last render!

We also wanted to thank you all again for your continued support, enthusiasm and passion on this project, we couldn’t have made this without you!


A girls only day

 Today’s update is dedicated to the girls of the idea! Sakura and Ayame took a break to have a walk around Konoha.

Every year, there is a special time in Konoha known as the cherry blossom season. During some days, all the cherry blossom trees flowers open and give an incredible visual show. These cherry blossom trees pink flowers are also known as “Sakura”. Can you see the relationship with one of the girl character names? =)

Here is a special render we made about that, hope you like it!

As always we want to thank you all for your continued support, passion and enthusiasm for the project. We are so grateful, really!


Kawarimi no Jutsu!

Kawarimi no jutsu, also known as the body replacement technique, is used by a lot of shinobis to trick their adversaries during the fights. They replace themseleves with a block of wood or different nearby objects to make the enemy think they were hit when they didn't. Shinobis can take advantage of this distraction to make a counterattack and defeat the enemy!

One of the first times we could see this technique in action was during the 'bell test'. There, Kakashi replaced himself with a block of wood to make the young ninjas think they beat him. The following render tries to reproduce that moment (OK, in the anime they didn't attack all at once, but it was better to have them all in the render, don't you think? ^^)

As you can see the possibilities to play and recreate scenes with the minifigures of the set is infinite! They provide a lot of playability, the only barrier is your imagination! Would you like to recreate scenes from the series too? Which other scenes would you like to see?

As always we want to thank you all for your continued support to this project. All together we have beat the 8.000 supporters milestone and we are now below 2.000 supporters to the final goal! You are all awesome!


Kage Bunshin no Jutsu!

We couldn't forget about Naruto's most famous jutsu: Kage Bunshin no Jutsu! (shadow clones technique)

If you remember, in one of the updates we talked about the Scroll of Seals and how Naruto learned a forbidden technique from it. Well, this is the result. Naruto is now able to create hundreds, even thousands of shadow clones of himself and control them. We wanted to thank you all that we are 3/4 of the way done with a very special render to celebrate this milestone. Enjoy it!

In the render you can see how Naruto used Kage Bunshin no Jutsu technique to save Iruka, his first mentor from Mizuki, who tricked Naruto to steal the Scroll of Seals for him.

As always, we also want to thank you all for your support, your comments and your enthusiasm. All of this would never be possible without you, you are a key piece and we are really grateful. These updates are for you!


More Ramen!

What a weekend! The shop was bursting at the seams! Ichiraku received the client number 6000, and to celebrate it he decided to extend the menu with a new bowl size and more ingredients.

We wanted to make it clear that this set is not only about Naruto, but also about Ramen. So, we decided to give it more visibility with this update. Our idea is to make these changes part of the project and we will reflect that in an upcoming project edition.

This was a short update, but a very important one for the idea. For those of you expecting new renders about Naruto and his friends, don't worry, there are more in the way!

Finally, we wanted to thank you all again for your support, you are leading this to the final milestone so fast that we cannot even react to create new updates. You are awesome!


Legendary Sannin

Hats off guys, you have lead this project to the 5.000 supporters milestone! Thank you all very much, you are really awesome!

And now, todays update... When we started this project, we promised that, if we ever reached the goal of 5.000 supporters, we would make a special update with Jiraiya, the Legendary Sannin, visiting Ichiraku Ramen shop. We thought that it would never happen, but well, look at this, we are really overwelmed!

So, to keep the promise, here he is: Jiraiya himself in its Lego version visiting Naruto and his friends at Ichiraku Ramen Shop.

Jiraiya is Naruto mentor, his teacher, his master. Everything Naruto knows is because of this Legendary Sannin. We would not lie if we say that this character is the most beloved one by almost all Naruto fans. He has a close relationship with the toads, from which he learned a lot and also help him in numerous situations. In the above picture you can see Jiraiya over Gama, one of the toads he can summon.

Jiraiya travelled around the world looking for knowledge that would help his friends, knowledge that would be passed on to his godson and final student, Naruto Uzumaki. While he could be harsh and distant to Naruto at first, Jiraiya held a genuine love for Naruto and he acted like a father for him instead of being just his teacher.

Some of you may have already noticed that this a Just for fun update, and that's right. There is nothing we would like more than adding this character to the idea. However the rules are strict, and, as you can see, Jiraiya's hair is so so peculiar that we had to add it as a custom piece. Unfortunately there is not any hair, nor nearly similar, in all Lego hairs catalog to replace it. We add this character as an update because we don't want to risk the project. If this idea reaches 10.000 supporters, it would be Lego's decision to produce it and, if they do, they may want to check this update and consider Jiraiya as a potential minifigure.

We also would like to thank nirvager for providing us the model to work out Jiraiya's hair. We couldn't make it without his help.

Finally, we will never stop repeating this: thank you all for your support every day. You are an amazing community!


Scroll of Seals

In some images of the idea you can see Naruto wearing a big scroll on his back but, do you know what is it?

It is the Scroll of Seals! It contains many dangerous techniques, so it was sealed away by the first Hokage (first leader of the village). The scroll appeared in the very first manga volume and also in the first episode of the anime, so we thought we had to include it in the idea to remember the beginning of this amazing saga.

Naruto was tricked to steal it and he learned one of his most famous techniques (multiple shadow clone) from this scroll. We wanted to remember that moment by making a special render about it, hope you like it!

This was a complicated week, but we do not give up! We will make whatever it takes to maintain the project and lead it to the 10k supporters because you all deserve it! We only need ask you to don't stop sharing and supporting it, you can't imagine how important is your role in this project.

Remember to leave your opinion about the updates in the comments, we love to read you all!

See you in the next update!


Team photo

We need to inmortalize this moment, we've just reached the amazing number of 4.000 supporters! Look to the camera and say "cheese"... Alright, done!

Every time a new ninja team was formed, it was a tradition to inmortalize that moment by taking a team photo. Of course team 7 (formed by Kakashi, Naruto, Sakura and Sasuke) did it too. Do you remember that? It is easy to see the competitiveness between Naruto and Saskue even in that photo!

But please, this is Lego Ideas, where is Lego there? We couldn't miss the opportunity to recreate that special moment with the minifigures included in the set. So here it is our version of the team 7 photo!

Alright, much better! Hope you all liked it =)

Now seriously, this is going much faster than expected, we almost do not have time to prepare updates! Anyway, there is still a lot of work to do. Next milestone is 5K and only with your help we can do it. So, please continue sharing and supporting the project, you all deserve this to become a reality!

Do not forget to leave your opinion about the updates in the comments! We would be happy to hear about them, so we can head next updates in the right direction.


Team 7 picture source:



Everybody heads up!

We never thought we had to make this kind of update, but we didn't know either we had community members with unfair intentions. Recently, people wihtout any interest in our project, pointed out that there were some modified pieces in the minifigs. That's partially true. In our first version of the idea we used all the official bricks, but we thought that the minifigs would look better with slighly modified pieces that can be EASILY REPLACED with the existing ones. To be honest, we were unaware of that rule and, since the project got approved, we thought everything was OK. If therer were any problem with that we would have happily used the original bricks. This project took 2 whole weeks to get approved, it suffered several rejections and we thought that, once the project was up, everything was OK for the Lego Ideas team. We never imagined that after that, community members would deeply examine the project looking for the most insignificant detail to report the idea, moreover when you have zero interest on it.

We do not want to risk the project at this stage and lose everything we have achieved during the past 4 weeks with hard work and all your support. So, we wanted to make this update with the replacement pieces that we originally used and, in case the project reaches 10k supporters, the Lego Ideas team can examine and take it in consideration.

As you can see, the final look & feel of the minifigs is almost inappreciable, that's the reason we didn't give it any importance when submitting the idea. They are only cosmetic bricks for the minifigs, there is not any critical piece at all. We will be also updating the main submission to include this image as part of the project to avoid any kind of problem, but it will take some time to be approved. The same for the other renders but please, give us time. We only have one computer and it is really slow rendering, so we might need some days to perform all the renders again.

We sincerly apologize to any member who got offended because of this, we hope everything is clear now.

Once again, thank you all for your support and help. We couldn't make this without you!

EDIT 08-12-2020: The main project screenshots have been updated to use existing bricks instead of the suggested ones.


Open at nights

Due to the vast amout of people visiting Ichiraku these days, Teuchi decided to open at nights. This way, everybody can taste the delicious Ramen he prepares for dinner too.

We hope you like this render that displays what the Ichiraku Ramen Shop set might look like if lighting were added to it. Notice this time all the minifigures (including the ones from the updates) are there. Also, we added a couple of extra lamps and several oil lamps around the building that are not included in the idea (at least, not initially).

Little by little we are achieving all the milestones necessary to reach those 10.000 supporters. Every new day is harder than the previous, but we trust in you. So please, keep on sharing and supporting the idea, we need you more than ever!

Thank you so much for still being there, and don't forget to comment your thoughts about the updates. We would like to hear your opinion to continue working on new ones!