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Locomotive E656


My idea was to create a new RC locomotive, similar to a real one, but with compact dimension, suitable to run on the standard rails.

I got inspired by the Italian locomotive E656 "Caimano", one of the most famous models at the end of the 20th century.

My model is not articulated as the original locomotive, in order to simplify the model, that is built on a standard train base 6x28.

However, in despite of the simplified design, it is possible to open the doors (not so common on the recent locomotives) and the pantographs are mobile. 

Pressing the canopy it is possible to switch on/off the battery box. A hole in the roof allows the IRR to receive the signal from the transmitter. 

I've bought the bricks and built this model: I find it a good compromise between cost and result. I'm proud to see my Italian Railways locomotive running around my city.

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