Product Idea

Toronto Rocket Subway Train - Minifigure scale Electric Train

Final Re-design & Demo Video


The original set was designed according to the bricks I owned and/or was able to purchase easily. That was the reason for such a HIGH piece count.  Ver#2 was redesigned with bricks I could order online.  Ver #3 (Final Version) is a way to reduce piece count further while using different techniques and new pieces I learned from switching over from LDD to STUDIO 2.0

Ver #3 Result

  • Over 1300 fewer bricks on the train cars from the original design.
  • Improved look and functionality of all the special features. 
  • Stronger build while reducing the pieces and overall size of the train.
  • More accurate and consistent colors.
  • NEW FRONT END - Operator's cab now comes off for easy access.
  • Custom Minifig TTC Operator uniforms.

TTC Lego Project Animations and Videos


Below are links to Videos & Animated Shorts with the TTC Lego Project. 


Stuck in Train Traffic on Line 1

Lions Sleep on The TTC Line 1 Subway

Stop Motion Adventure in Toronto - Episode #03


Stop Motion Adventure in Toronto - Episode #02

Stop Motion Adventure in Toronto - Episode #01

An Integrated System

Videos and News stories featuring the TTC Lego Project


Below are many links to Videos and News stories about the TTC Lego Project. 

Interview With Fairchild TV

TTC Lego Christmas Window 

TTC Lego events in October 

Global News Web Article

TTC LEGO @ the Toronto Train Show

TTC Doors Open -  The TTC LEGO train in action @ Bay Lower

City News Interview

CBC Radio Interview


Daily Hive Toronto post

The TTC goes international - Posting on Brickpatici - a LEGO fansite based in Italy.


Unofficial, official sponsors


I have talked directly to The Canadian Tire Corporation, and Tim Hortons about using their logo's as part of the TTC Lego Project.  Both companies granted me permission to use my lego inspired version of their logos.  I was hoping they would also assist the project with some kind of internal or social media marketing messages... Still hoping..


RE-DESIGN - OUTDATED - replaced by final update listed above


OUTDATED - replaced by final update listed above

New Stickers and Posters


New Posters for inside the train

Lego vs Real Life



Prototype Build Complete


There are a now 2 VIDEOs of the prototype build available for viewing.  links below

The original set has now been re-designed

New Pictures to come soon..


this update has been removed


this update has been removed