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Renault 5 Maxi Turbo WRC Speed Champions


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Dear Lego Fans,

Here comes my 3rd major project celebrating the great WRC legends from the mighty Group B in the 80’s

The fantastic Renault 5 Maxi Turbo from 1985-86

  • This racing marvel was the craziest version of the legendary R5 Turbo 2 from the early 80´s. It delivered a unbelievable power of 360 bhp for only 900 kg
  • Driven by the World-class French Rally duo, Jean Ragnotti (driver), Jean-Marc Andrié (co-driver), this mechanical beast managed to win the 'Tour de Corse' WRC Rally in 1985


My Lego version is a humble tribute to this great racing car and the 2 French rally wizards. 

I hope you will appreciate the overall accuracy of the car body shape and all the fine details to make it more real; this includes:

  • A set of beautifully designed stickers all over the car, reproducing accurately the headlamps, foglights, tailamps, the iconic massive side intakes on the back end, and all the team sponsors
  • A very detailed interior with a nicely crafted cockpit and an exciting rear motor on display behind the pilot's seat

To bring this project to life, I have created an exciting diorama, celebrating the uniqueness of the Corsican wild nature. (I am particularly fond of the little stream crossed by the car in a big Lego splash)


It took me quite some time to create then render digitally the overall scene; I hope this was worth the effort and you will like my new set

If so, please do support this new project and feel free to advertise it on the social network amongst the WRC, Renault, Lego fans sites. 


Finally, I also invite you to continue supporting my 2 other WRC Rally B projects:

A fabulous Peugeot 205 Turbo 16


A lovely Lancia Delta S4


Both have already rallied thousands of fans and they rely on you to help them complete the last leg of their journey to secure 10k supports

Thanks in advance for your generosity


All the best



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