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The Tennis Match


Hi! We are a few days away from the semifinal of the tennis tournament in this quiet neighborhood of the city.

The players get ready in the gym for their long-awaited day while the residents waiting for the arrival of the final enjoy the garden spaces of the neighborhood.

Above the gym there is a two-story floor where the windows can be converted into balconies to enjoy the views and fresh air when necessary.

The squirrels love to live with the rest of the citizens of the neighborhood and practically live longer inside the apartment than outside it. His favorite part of the street is the trees and the duck pond.

The model

"The Tennis Match" has three elements with the possibility of connecting in different ways.
1-Tennis court (32x32)

With trees and elements placed horizontally to generate the tennis court. Lighting, bench, and scoreboard among other elements such as the referee's chair.

2-Gym and apartment (16x32)

With working gym machines, water fountain, running machine, drinks, and a wide view of the outside.
The apartment is very equipped including kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, living room with fireplace, and two mechanical balconies. Attached to the apartment by Technic elements an advertising sign can be added or removed on both sides of the building.

3-Pond (16x32)

A small garden area with a table to play chess. Behind it a duck house over the pond from which a tree emerges.

The model also includes a garden van with a crane to access and carry the highest branches.
There are 7 minifigures that accompany the model, as well as two squirrels, two birds, two ducks, a frog, and a teddy rabbit.

The floors of the building can be unfolded to see the interior. A model that in image represents a breathing space between blocks of flats. An opportunity to add to your custom or official buildings.

Thank you very much and I hope you like it 😊


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