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Glados From Portal


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Here is Glados from portal and portal 2. Now in lego. This amazing lego set contains 631 pieces including 14 pieces with unique prints. This extraordinary set contains Glados in all his glory, Chell armed with his Handheld portal device, Wheatley, a companion cube and two portal plates. Recreate the epic battle between Glados and Chell, shoot protails on all surfaces, prevent Wheatley from taking control of Aperture, you can do it all with this awesome lego set. On top of that, Glados is fully articulate and can move in all directions. To create this model, I use Studio, Part designer, and for the rendering, I use the rendering software provided in Studio. For the print, I use Microsoft Powerpoint. I sincerely hope you will enjoy this lego set.

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