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Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI


9000 Supporter!!!

Hello to everyone,
We've reached 9000 supporters. I thank everyone very much.
I put photos alongside Catheram 7 which is very popular as a bonus... :)


8000 Supporter!!!

Hello Everyone,

Yes at least 8000 Supporter!!! and I put the video as I promised.

It's good fun for all of you.



7000 Supporter!!!

Hello Everyone, 

It was very fast. How to shoot a video in a day. :)

Let's do it when we have 8000 supporters.

Yes, I promise. I will take a video...

And I am very grateful Everyone... Thanks all...


6000 Supporter!!!

Thanks Everyone for 6000 Supporter...

We Made this i Believe... :)

and 7000 is also support, I plan to take a video.
I will share it with you from here.

Stay Tuned Lego Lovers...


5000 Supporter!!!

Yes We went half way through the Approved phase.
I thank you very much for all your friends who voted.
I hope this set will turn into reality.
And every Lego lover will take his place in his home.
Also, a total of 3750 votes in a week ... It's really incredible. Thanks again everyone ...


4000 Supporter!!!

Thanks Everyone for 4000 Milestones.

im shock and very happy :)


3000 Supporter!!!

Thanks for all for milestone 3000! :)


2000 Supporter!!!

Hello Everyone,

Thank you Every Person for 2000 Support.

I'm so happy. My design Golf MK1 Like You. 

I hope that, TLG to realize this design...


1000 Supporter !!!

Thanks Everyone for 1000 Supporter Reached... :)


500 Supporter!!!

Thanks giving vote my MOC Everyone...


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