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Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI


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Lego Creator VW Golf MK1 GTI

1278 Part

16+ Age

-1970's cult was the Volkswagen Golf MK1 GTI model.
Size is compatible with the Original Creator Collection series.
-Complete Interior details. We have the right to the original steering wheel, cockpit, gear lever, handbrake ...
 Radio in-cockpit, ventilation buttons, indicators ...
-We have the right to GT Line cockpit red and black stripes.
-GT Series seat covers.
-Dilated closes the hood. And interior details Engine, battery, carburetor ...
-Angles are closed doors. Details of interior door handles ...
-Open and Closed, rear trunk. domestic luggage opened under the spare tire furnished.
-Ceiling loosened complete.
-Pre-Red GT Line in the blinds ...
-Plate The stickers, the VW GTI and the rear cargo section. Golf stickers ...

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