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LL 930 Galaxy Explorer


Now with logo's!


A small update..

First of all a big thanks for all the support this project and my previous projects have received! We're almost at 200 supporters!

Now, as the majority of you liked the far right version of my LL920 project the most so that's the one that will be published here :-)

I've added some stuff to it and made some renders so it's ready thanks to all of you! As a small token of appreciation I'll put the first image in this update! Enjoy!


Might as well meet the whole family!

Hi again!

I've been busy designing the last ship in the old Classic Space fleet, the humble LL 918. But I've got a problem.. I designed 3 versions and I need your help to bite the bullet and see what I'll post here on Ideas.

I've put them in the order that they were made, starting from the left and ending right. The first one is the most feature rich one with a compartment in the nose and a loading ramp in the back. It also retains a lot of the looks of the old LL 918. It looks, to me at least, more like a fighter than a runabout. The brick count is also on the high side with 188 bricks. With the old one squarely aimed at as an entry to the range with only 88 bricks this version might be reaching too high. 

The next two ships are more in line with the spirit of the old LL 918. They're easier to build, have fewer pieces (128 and 138 respectively) and the only real difference between them is the stile of the cockpit window. They both have a spacious loading area in the back with 2 big doors for access. The middle one looks more sleek but the other one has a more accessible cockpit... 

As you can tell, I'm not really sure which one to publish here. Give me a shout in the comments with your thoughts!


Thanks in advance!


It's a matter of size

I thought I could post a quick picture on how my LL 930 stacks up to Benny's Spaceship and my previous LL 925 project.

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