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0-4-0 Retro Style Steam Locomotive


My next project...Frankie's Purple Ace 4

As you've probably noticed, I haven't been as actively lately in submitting projects. Slowly but surely, I'm working on a new one. (Though, I will submit a rerun or two that I think would be good to resubmit.) This image below is a hint as to what it is. 🚂🚃

Note that I did not take this image. The copyright is below the image.

Yep...I'm totally building those GO Transit cars in the background as my next project! 🤣 As you can see, I'm going to build a VIA FPA4 locomotive. However, this project will have no comparison to the amazing VIA Railway projects built by NickLafreniere1. Please, and I do mean please, check out his Via Rail The Canadian and The Corridor projects. 🚅🚃🛤 Have a great day, everyone, and take care! Updated by Joseph cheeseinthepie. 5/18/2020

P.S. My mom and dad unexpectly got me the new LEGO A-Wing set!


Thank you! & Suggestions for question.

Wow, those supporters came fast and keep coming! Thank you all so much for viewing this project and for your kind compliments.

Recently, I rediscovered an old LEGO® MOC from the old LDD Gallery days. (Rest in peaces, digital friend.) It's a replication of a Hot Wheels Swoop Coupe that I built on July 28th in 2015. (That's what the file origination date says, anyway.) Here's a picture of the model that I got rendered on the Mecabricks Workshop:

This model, being built by inexperienced, foppish, and defensive me from 2015 is very rough around the edges. Perhaps, if I edit it, and I do mean edit it, do you think it would make a good project here on LEGO® Ideas? If not, perhaps I should build a new Swoop Coupe altogether?

Have a great day, everyone! Take care, stay healthy, and stay safe. Updated by Joseph cheeseinthepie on May 3rd, 2020.