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Elf Battle Chariot



New Set Approved! Elf Border Raid

7th set approved... please check out and share/support... thanks :D


You're not afraid of a little bitty spider are you?

New Project: Goblin Spider Rider approved


New Goblin Polybag project submitted today!

Stay tuned... :D


Lego Fantasy Battle sets 4x100 supporters! (530 in total to date)

The first 4 sets in the Lego fantasy battle range have now all reached 100 supporters... so I'm happy to announce that the next 4 sets will be coming very soon (in time for the Easter holidays). Thank you for your continued support and please continue to post / blog / tweet / share on Flickr and encourage everyone you know to support and share also.

They currently stand as follows:

Elf Battle Chariot = 100
Orc War Boar = 154
Goblin Battle Chariot = 160
Goblin Battle Platform = 116

Please also continue to send your suggestions in... this last week I've been busy working on a set requested by an A.S. from Melbourne Australia - well actually his request inspired me to build something else... which then morphed into a 3 in 1 type set. It is fun, eye-catching and has a lot of play potential which is very exciting.

So stay tuned all you greenskin and elf faction lovers... These next 4 sets are definitely for you :D

Much love,


Goblin War Chariot approved (more sets still to follow!)

Hello Lego Fantasy Battle fans!

The Goblin War Chariot has now been approved (again super quickly - thank you LegoIDEAS!)

If you haven't already done so, please have a look and support the chariot if you'd like it to fight alongside my other projects and join the masses of goblin fans out there - nearly 20% of everyone who saw the project chose to support it... that's the best ratio out of all the 4 projects so far so Thank you!

And don't forget to send in your suggestions for anything and everything that you think would go well in a range such as these.


Goblin themed submission sent today!

Pictures to follow on approval :)

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