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Elf Battle Chariot


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The Elf Battle Chariot - gift to the Forest Elves from their High born cousins - designed to both transport important leaders speedily across the battlefield and to add a bit more punch to their light cavalry. Often encountered when they are found fighting outside of the forests, it is very much the centre piece of their army and a rallying point for their kin. No Elven battle force of note is ever found without at least one in their ranks. And rumour has it that some of the more noble born elves are even using the same chariot frame to be pulled into battle by a mythical white lion!

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For all the fabulous medieval buildings and structures made for us Lego Fans to enjoy, I have always felt that more could have been done with regards to building a really good chariot. The King's battle chariot stands out as a solid effort and the Nexo Knights Beast Master's Chaos Chariot has a good unique design.... But... (and there's always a but...) in my opinion they are just a bit too big or bulky to convince me that they are a viable option on the battlefield. In fact none of the official chariots ever made by TLG are any way sleek enough for my taste. Having said all this, the little known skeleton chariot works really well but it is only a one man (well, one bones!) chariot and therefore too small as a centrepiece.

Which is why I designed the Elf Battle Chariot. As I have a large (approx 250 strong) Forest Elf army I wanted it to be a centre piece for a general or hero character. It is strong but not too bulky and stylish without being too fussy. I think the chariot design has clean lines with enough curvature in its shape to convey a sense of speed to its movement. The chariot itself articulates very smoothly and the wheels turn well on moving. With an extra pivot point at the yoke, the horses that pull it can be placed in a rearing up pose without interfering with the movement of the rest of the chariot. The abundance of gold spiky bits both on the wheel and out in front of the horses make it a functional piece of battlefield equipment that few would want to get in the way of.

Ideally for my Forest Elves, it would have been built in dark green / dark brown and reddish brown elements but unfortunately the necessary parts are not currently in production. However in my mythos it doesn't work out too badly being constructed in white and gold as it has been turned into a High Elf chariot instead. The crew consists of a Forest Elf driver, a Forest Elf bowman (for fire support) and a High Elf envoy, who was sent to accompany the chariot, gifted from the High Born to their woodland kin. And as an additional gift to their Forest dwelling cousins, what better than 2 white purebred horses (thank you winter village market!) with elegant gold and blue bridles? However when being pulled by these horses the design suffers a bit from an abundance of white, which is easily fixed by the inclusion of some dark green caparisons.


PIECE COUNT : 80 including 2x horses (but not including minifigures or their accessories/weapons)


My IDEAS dream would be to see a whole line of Castle/Fantasy sets that will allow all ages of fans of LEGO and tabletop gaming to come together, in order to help everyone learn strategic thinking, teamwork and planning, basic arithmetic, tactical awareness and simple probability. Please support and share in order to help this dream become a reality!

You can follow the progress of all my projects in this range here: which will include siege weapons, mounted units, cavalry and all sorts of other fun stuff. And anything you don't see, feel free to request via

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