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Classic Space in a Box - Space Anniversary


Hello and welcome to my next Lego Idea.

I call it Classic Space in a Box

This Box is openable and playable and made of classic blue bricks.
But it would also look great on every desk.
The lower part of the box is also a drawer where you can
hide all yout little secrets.

This set would also contain a small spaceship within a clear "globe"
and a unique Spaceman Minifigure with a lot of colors.
There is also a turnable head for the pink minifigure so she can twinkle.
And please have a look at the mug ;o)

As you know, I created this version for the moments in space contest.
I received a lot of comments for my creations so I decided
to improve and upload them all again and create a small video for each idea.

I hope you like the set and the video.

And because ot the anniversary this set has to be made.
I love classic space and if we all support it classic space could return.

Thank you so much for all your support and please leave a comment.


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This year I don't have so much time but I will try my best to
upload new Ideas and to answer all comments.

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