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F7A Train Set


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This train set was inspired by various F7A diesel locomotives I've seen pictures of in the past. It was also inspired by Traditional O Gauge Lionel train sets. I started building this set on Sunday, and I finished it today.

The F7A Train Set is 1200 pieces. (Yes! Isn't that a wonderfully round and even number?) This project includes an F7A diesel locomotive, a refrigerated boxcar, a coil steel car, and a caboose. Also included are two minifigures to "operate" the train, sixteen curved track pieces, and eight straight track pieces. Here are the features for each car included in this project:

F7A Diesel Locomotive: The roof of the locomotive comes off in two sections, which are for the cab and for the engine room. Inside the cab, there is a seat for the engineer and a control panel. The engine room and its components are designed to fit Power Functions elements inside to make the locomotive run.

Refrigerated Boxcar: The roof of the boxcar comes off in one piece to reveal a simple interior. Inside, there are four crates full of fruits and vegetables. (Minifigures need to eat their fruits and veggies too!) Inside each crate, there are cherries, an apple, lettuce, carrots, and peppers. (In my LEGO Digital Designer download, it was quite hard to put the fruits and vegetables in each crate.) On each side of the boxcar, there is a sliding door.

Coil Steel Car: This railcar has two practically identical round domes that can be taken off to reveal four steel coils. That's pretty much all about this car. NEXT!

Caboose: Only the middle of the roof comes off to get access inside the caboose. Inside, there is a desk with a lamp and paper, and a bed for the second engineer to sit. On the front and back ends, there are doors that can open for the minifigures to enter and exit the caboose.

Thank you all so much for viewing this project! If you think something else needs to be done with this project to spruce it up, please let me know in the comments section. You all have a good day! By cheeseinthepie. 6/7/2018

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