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Age of Empires 2 Barracks

Being a 90's kid, one of my childhood passions (besides Lego) was of course  Age of Empires II (and still is today).

Thus, I present you my Lego rendition of the Middle European style barracks, true to the original isometric image, complemented with my imagination on parts, which are otherwise not visible in game.

The buildings proportions are a bit off in-game, so I adjusted it to realistically fit the dimensions of Lego minifigures. The interior is also detailed and can be accessed via the rear side, which is open, kind of like a doll house.

The build only contains bricks and figs in already available colours and with existing prints, so it is a truly ready-to-build set. I also devised some minifigures representing certain units in the game (most of which are feudal age units, but let's just assume that we just advanced to castle age). 

Why red? 'Cause I think it matches this architectural style the best. Don't like red? Start chanting 'Wololo'. Or buy some blue bricks.

Who would buy this set? Mainly AFOL-s I think, who like Age of Empires and who are susceptible to nostalgia. 

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