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Exo-Planet Lamina


Zero Day

Thanks to all the supporters.  But, I'm afraid Lamina has become loose from it's orbit and is floating away in the darkness between stars never to be seen again.  There are, however, lots of other planets out there to explore.  Stay tuned.

And to everyone else:  what good is that LEGO Death Star doing in your collection without some real planets to blow up?


Shell Color

Only after the full submission did I notice that I never re-colored most of the shell elements.  What was green (which made sense before being rejected) is now a rocky brown.  My apologies for getting focused on other aspects of the project.


Other Planets

Having generally noticed more support for projects with a pop-culture hook, this one started out as 'Planet Omega-Alpha' which was apparently too close a DC property and then morphed into something too close to a base from SWE7. Four or five attempts later, I finally managed to squeeze out all the IP.  Thus, any components which seem familiar somehow probably are.  Meanwhile, if anyone can think of a pop-culture planet that LEGO isn't already licensing, please let me know.  Thanks for reading this deep into the weeds.

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And finally, ISS approaching the big 100:

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