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ISS with Earth Base


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Aside from valuable scientific research and experimentation, one of the most stunning aspects of the International Space Station is photographs of the incredible beauty over which it orbits.  So, why not include Planet Earth as a base for the model (or really any space-themed model?)

Built after photos readily available on-line, this version of the ISS is not to any scale per-se but composed of elements according to proportion.  In addition to the labs, service modules and solar arrays, a Soyuz Capsule is included as are four manipulator arms.  As the product nears completion, further research should be conducted as to the current and near-future configurations of the station to ensure accuracy.


Gravity may not be a problem 409Km (254 miles) in orbit, but it is on anyone's bookshelf or desk.  Therefore, three transparent-clear aircraft tails, two for support, one for balance, carry the ISS model above the Earth base.  A series of Technic Rods and Antennae Elements serve as structural tensile members throughout the ISS model.  Examples can be seen between the primary solar array panels to either side of the habitable core.  These panels have a metallic gold substrate so, for accuracy, blue stickers could be included for the final.

The Earth-base is rock solid and built from five arched ribs with multi-hinged in-fill panels of trans-medium-blue wedge-plates allowing multi-colored continents to be built from various plates and tiles. (Please see 'Updates' for more information for the original Planet Earth design.)  Shown are the continents of Europe, Africa, South America, North America and Antarctica.  With a few extra pieces and alternate instructions, however, the Eastern Hemisphere proper could also be built.

As shown, the ISS is composed of 353 elements, some with metallic and chrome colors but mostly in white accented with various grays and blues.  The hemispherical base and supports are comprised of 291 for a total of  644 elements.  Overall, both models are 24.5cm x 29.5 x 36.8 centimeters ( 9 5/8 x 11 5/8 x 14 1/2 inches.)  Given the international efforts and instant, global recognition of the ISS and Earth, this should make for an exciting and educational play-set for kids and adults alike and all for a moderate price.

Thanks in advance for your consideration and/or support.  Comments, critical or otherwise, are most welcome.

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