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Exo-Planet Lamina


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Exo-Planet Lamina by ModularSculptr

Similar to Earth's Moon, Exo-Planet Lamina is tidally locked.  This means that the planet's core is off-center and one pole always faces toward its parent star.  Thus from orbit, the various biomes came to appear as layers (or laminated.)  The diurnal hemisphere became hot desert while the dark side is forever frozen; so cold that air bubbles were forced out of the polar ice.  When our brave Classic Space-tronauts colonized Lamina, they found only a  thin strip of habitable land just sunward from the equator bathed in perpetual twilight.  Even this rocky landmass was found to be quite harsh so underground chambers were built to preserve the few arable meadows for agriculture.

Twelve arched ribs serve as the defining foundation of a SNOT-65 sphere (for a total of 66 stud orientations.)  Hinged shell segments allow access to interior chambers.  Further, hinged plates reversed mortise-to-tenon allow changes in interior stud orientation and thus, the creation of habitable subterranean chambers.

Exo-Planet Lamina is not merely a hollow shell or static statue but an interactive and deceptively educational playset.  As shown, the model is roughly 17.5 centimeters/ 7 inches/ 20 studs in diameter and comprised of (726(planetary shell) + 168(interior) + 84( five minifigures & accessories =) 978 elements.  Given the random nature of planetary formation, builders should be encouraged to rearrange geographical land-forms beyond the standard instructions and personalize their planet into any exo-planet imaginable.  Thus, Exo-Planet Lamina should make for an exciting playset for a moderate price.

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