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Lego Creator Renault 8 Gordini


I designed this model to fit in with the excellent existing Lego Creator models, namely the Mini Cooper, VW Type2 Camper and Ferrari F40.  It’s designed to be a similar scale.

The Renault 8 was a rear engined range of family cars introduced in the 1960s.  

The standard 8 was modified heavily by the tuning company Gordini.  With a host of upgrades Gordini nearly doubled the power output of the 8's compact 1100cc engine and along with chassis and suspension modifications turned the Renault 8 into a real pocket rocket.  

With It's distinctive Blue paint work it was very successful in motorsport, namely rallying.

My model tries to recreate the essence of the Gordini.  I've tried to incorporate plenty of "play" features like opening doors, bonnet and boot lid.  Beneath the rear deck there is a detailed 1100cc engine with twin solex carburetors and sports exhaust system.  Up front there is a spare wheel, brake servo and washer bottle just like the real thing.

The detailed interior includes reclining front seats, door trims, a wooden dash and gear shifter.  The roof removes to allow access to this.

Up front there are the Gordini's auxiliary driving lamps as well as a pair of Cibie rally spot lamps.

I have tried to put thought into the model as a production reality and its size, number of bricks and (hopefully) cost would be in line with the existing "Creator" models.

I hope you like it, this is my first submission but I do have more in the pipeline so watch this space!

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