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Classic Space - Anniversary Set 40 Years


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Hello and welcome to my Lego Idea:

Classic Space - Anniversary Set 40 Years

I wanted to go back to my roots when my Lego Love started.
It was a classic Space Set from my parents.
With my new Idea I tried to recreate the Classic Space Theme but in a modern way.
I also tried to keep the spirit an its unique design.

So I started with a Homebase Hangar.
Inside you can find a plattform for the vehicles and a lot of tools and computers.

There is also a crane which is moveable in two axis.
On one side you can find an functional elevator.
I used worms and toothed bars to let it move up and down.

The hangar has 3 sliding doors.
One main door and two on the side.
All doors could slide open inside the wall.

Inside and outside the homebase there are a lot of details which
makes this building a great playable thing but also a great display.

This set also contains 3 spacehips and 3 rovers.

The mini spacehip is just a simple little transporter.

The small spaceship is a real Classic Spaceship.
It is designed for one minifigure to explore the surroundings.

The big spaceship is an modern classic spaceship.
It has 2 wings which are moveable in the angle. For landings it could me moved down.
And if the spaceship wants to use lightspeed it could be moved up.
There is a hatch on each side an the back to the storage-room.
The spaceship is designed for 2 minifigures to bring material to each outpost.

The 3 rovers are designed like the rovers of 1979.
Each rover has its own job.
Can you imagine what it is?

There are a lot of details I tried to place inside this set.
Hope you like it.

I used the classic color design to recreate the classic theme and bring it back to 2018.
Even the minifigures got the classic design with simple colors.
What do you think?
Should there be another Minifigure colors?

This Homebase/Hangar has approx 2300 parts. The complete set has approx 2800 parts.
But I think I could be easily reduced.

This set would be a great anniversary set.
You could be a part of it and help to bring back the Classic Theme.

I also wanted to create an animation for this idea but my PC needs a lot of time.
So meanwhile my PC creates the animation it would be awesome If you could share and support
this anniversary set.

And don't you want a Classic Space Anniversary Mug?


Thank you so much for all your support and please leave a comment.


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PS: If this Idea should make it I will get a tattoo of a Lego Space Minifigure. I promise it.

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