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Food: Hainan Chicken Rice


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I’m so excited to share my LEGO model of the Hainan Chicken Rice which is built in the style at the Kreta Ayer Hainan Chicken Specialist in Central, Hong Kong with the restaurant's boss - David Wu (伍大為Wu Da Wei). I tried to use every single element of LEGO to build it with many details in order to achieve 95% similarity with the reality of the Hainan Chicken Rice. It's so good and delicious. I always love this dish. So, I want to bring it into the LEGO model for everyone could know and learn about its culture. Of course, the LEGO model you can't eat.

What is it?
The Hainan Chicken Rice is a delicious and wonderful dish of Southeast Asia including poached chicken, seasoned rice (or white rice) usually with cucumber garnishes. It is served with a variety of sauces which chili sweet and sour sauce, minced ginger, and sweet soy sauce, as well as come with a small cup of radish chicken soup. Have you ever tried the Hainan chicken rice before?

As I know that it is considered one of the national dishes of Singapore by the Hainanese immigrants originally from Hainan province in China with a long history. And then its culture spread and became popular in Southeast Asia (Malaysia, Thailand, Taiwan, Japan, Vietnam, and Hong Kong). Nowadays, some people would have their personal stories with it, for instance, the story of David Wu.

Why did you build it?
I know the Kreta Ayer Hainan Chicken Specialist in Central Hong Kong through the interview article of Hong Kong last month. I feel that the Hainan Chicken Rice would bring something new to LEGO Ideas. That sounds so interesting! I would say that this LEGO model could be shown the great idea of Asian food culture. Here, I would do that with my strong belief. On the other hand, I really love to eat the Hainan chicken rice, which made me memorize my happy childhood days spending time with my parents and my younger sister going out to eat it on the weekends. It is very meaningful to me.

And Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
Actually, it took me three weeks or more, but I really enjoyed every moment in the process of building. I would say the model includes seasoned rice with 241 pcs, five pieces of chicken with 74 pcs, three pieces of cucumbers with 45 pcs, a bamboo flat tray and cooking paper with 426 pcs, a cup of soup with 95 pcs, sauces with red (chili sweet and sour sauce), yellow (minced ginger), and black (sweet soy sauce) with totally 282 pcs. I approximately used 1,163 LEGO pieces (Scale of 1:1) to create the Hainan Chicken Rice model.

My favorite part of this model might be the power of the model. Of course, in the model context, I like the way to build yellow pieces of chicken. It presents the message of Hainan Chicken Rice that what the Hainan Chicken Rice is and its culture and story. I believe that this would make a great LEGO set in the future. Thank you to all the supporters! Thank you to all the followers! Please feel free to leave comments or suggestions!

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