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LEGO Viking Longship


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Set sail with the LEGO Viking Longship!

Let me show you my viking longship, a historical accurate LEGO rendition of the ships that the vikings used to cross the seas. It has the long shaping, a tall mast and details such as the iconic dragon head at the front. Up to 11 Viking Minifigures can take place on the ship, with 10 rowers and 1 steersman.

About the Model

The measurements of the viking longship are 30,2 x 18,7 x 26,6 cm / 11.9 x 7.3 x 10.5 in. The ship makes a great display on shelf, but is also small enough to be easily played with. The piece count of about 500 pieces also makes it affordable to everyone.


Starting at the front of the boat you see the detailed dragon head that I designed to look as realistic as possible in this small scale. The tail of the ship is also carved with Norse ornaments.

LEGO Ideas Longboat Details01Each viking has a place to sit and can attach the shield to the side of the ship to give it the iconic look. Right in the front section the crew stores the supplies and the loot of the last raid. 

LEGO Ideas Longboat Details03On the back of the ship is the rudder and behind the captain an additional seat.

LEGO Ideas Viking Longboat Jonas Kramm (2)

Play features

When traveling inland by river, the Nordic warriors can lower the mast of their longship to fit under bridges.

Langboot Gif


I made my own custom instructions for this model to give you more insight into the building techniques and the opportunity to build your own one. Of course the digital instructions are free and can be downloaded here. If you like the model and don’t have the bricks to build it, make sure to vote and help this model to become an official set.

LEGO Ideas Viking Longboat Ship 01


In 2020 LEGO showed us that they are not disinclined in the Viking theme with introducing an amazing Viking Minifigure in their Collectable Minifigure Series. So why not make more vikings and give them a ship? I was also inspired by the LEGO Vikings theme from 2005 and sets like LEGO 7018 Viking Ship.

Let’s bring back LEGO Vikings! Valhalla is waiting!

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