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Boeing 747 Cockpit


It's so close - thankyou!

With this project getting close to achieving support, I wanted to take a moment – while I can – to thank everyone who supported and believes in this project. Thank you so much, it’s getting exciting and appreciated!!

People from around the world with vastly different backgrounds supported, voiced and shared their appreciation for this project. My sincere thanks to LEGO fans of all ages across various themes and communities, pilots/aircrew, aviation personnel, aviation enthusiasts, flight simmers, general enthusiasts, and their friends and families who supported, everyone who liked it (a lot), commented, want it, and sent personal correspondence of appreciation – it certainly kept me busy. Interestingly there were significantly more who clicked the support button without making an account – I appreciate the thought none-the-less!

My wife cheered me on while I designed and promoted the project (she also buys me LEGO!) She’s awesome and I thank her! Very special thanks to Speedbird TV (Chris), forums4airports (Aviador), Dallas/Fort Worth Airport (Josh), Brisbane Airport (Julie), and Aerobuzz France aviation news (Jerome), who all proactively promoted the project on their own accord, Bricks McGee for a wonderful blog, and everyone who enthusiastically shared my posts with their friends and online communities. Thanks also to my local Brisbane Air Show – unfortunately it was cancelled (pandemic) though they were super keen, and had organised, to display my LEGO and promote this project. Lastly, thanks everyone for their understanding, and continued support, while I took 4 months off from promoting.

Fingers crossed for a positive review!


Let's get illuminated!

How awesome is a LEGO cockpit illuminated and what a perfect night light this would make! The option of an illuminated cockpit takes this idea to the next level and worthy of consideration.

The concept - as shown - is based on printed translucent/transparent tiles (or translucent stickers on translucent tiles) and of course a light pack. The darker colors naturally filter light translucency and the lighter colours are illuminated, making the 747 Cockpit sparkle.

Illumination: a fantastic additional feature for this LEGO Ideas piece.


Interior Color and Instrument Updates

Originally I submitted the 747 cockpit using common grey colors which is rather rare in real life. In addition, the instrument panels I sourced were not all 747 instruments!

This update includes:

  • Instrument panel updates to reflect the 747-400 variant.
  • Internal cockpit colors to ensure they are aesthetically correct for the 747-400 variant (as close as possible).


Nose Configurations

The nose section plays an important part in consideration of this set. Hence this update has been added to provide information for that reason. 

Short Nose

The short nose essentially cuts away the nose section. Added as it is more likely fit-for-purpose as a display.


  • Less pieces/expensive
  • Easier build
  • Suits display in bookcase, shelving, cabinet


  • Less aesthetically pleasing (from other angles, though meant to be displayed for viewing the internal cockpit area)

Extended Nose

Added as people expressed interest in extending the nose. The configuration shown more closely resembles the 747 nose with flatter, tapered top rounding into the sides which are also tapered in. 


  • More aesthetically pleasing
  • More realistic


  • More pieces/expensive
  • More complex 

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