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Mechagodzilla 2021

Say hello to Mechagodzilla! 👋🏿
Mechagodzilla is a mechanized version of the very well known fictional kaiju, Godzilla. It was a weapon that was created by a group of humans with the purpose of countering and to defeating Godzilla. There are currently 6 different versions of Mechagodzilla in existence and the version I built made it's first debut in the Godzilla Vs Kong 2021 movie. I decided to build this guy because I love building mechanical looking objects out of Lego. In fact, I happen to specialize in building Lego mechs and Lego Transformers on my YouTube channel. However, I picked Mechagodzilla specifically because my Lego Mechagodzilla video has always been my most critically acclaimed video on my channel. I believe this will make a great set because of its display value and because of all the cool accessories that are built into it. On top of that, Mechagodzilla is also a VERY famous character from the monster-verse that everyone loves and I know people would love the opportunity to build a Lego version of him.

  • Two pairs of fold out shoulder cannons with detachable projectile missile effects
  • Detachable mouth beam
  • Detachable rocket boosted propulsion flames that protrude from the back
  • Detachable Plasma beam (This is a custom addition)
  • Rotating Tail Drill
  • Detachable Plasma fist

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