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The Karate Kid "Wax On, Wax Off"


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-Daniel: How much further is your house?
-Mr. Miyagi: Other side tracks.
-Daniel: Are you in the oil business, too?
-Mr. Miyagi: Haha not everything is as seem.
-Daniel: Reminds me of Newark, what are we going to do here?
-Mr. Miyagi: Start training, much work be done, tournament here before you know it.
-Daniel: That's what I'm afraid of.
And this is how Daniel’s journey begins…
Who hasn’t spend hours and hours watching this epic movie that was first released in 1984? Who hasn’t dreamt of being Mr. Miyagi’s student as a teenager? Who hasn’t travelled back in time to this house with the Cobra-Kai series?
As a child born in the ‘80s my  love for this movie pushed me to creating Mr.Miyagi’s house.
The model is consisted of 2 exterior areas and the house:
a. The front yard is the area where Mr. Miyagi kept his collection of cars, his boat for fishing next to the small water tank. This is where Daniel took his first lesson “Wax On – Wax Off” [First Lesson].
b. The back garden is a beautiful well cared space with Asian elements, plants and trees that depict mr.Miyagi’s love and affection. The wooden decks, the paved floor and the stream that runs across the garden make it complete and unique. This is where Daniel practiced “Sand the Floor” [Second lesson] and “Paint the Fence” [Third lesson].
c. The house is composed of 3 rooms: one is the dojo, one is where the kitchen and the bedroom are, and the other one is where the small dinner table and the fireplace are. This is the room where Daniel learned “Paint the house” [Fourth lesson] and one of the most rememberable scenes of the movie took place. Mr. Miyagi catches a fly with his chopsticks and explains to Daniel-san that whoever manages to do that can achieve everything.

While creating this model it was very important to keep all the Japanese details of the space like the sliding doors, Mr.Miyagi’s medal and the bonsai he gifted to Daniel for the tournament. The roof is detachable in every room for easy access.

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