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The build for sunspot is heavily inspired by the retro futuristic designs of the 1950's-1970's science fiction era. For this idea in particular I wanted to do something big and colorful, so why not a spaceship.

Ship Schematics: This ship has about 2,800 pieces with five figures.
It is 23.8 inches in width, 56.8 inches in length and 33.5 inches in height

The ships defense systems include a proton laser on the roof of the ship. It also has eight accompanying engines on its backside with an additional ninth for the fastest experience in inter space travel.

And what is a ship without a crew.
(Left to right)

R.S.C (Robotic space companion)
Dan, the energetic communications captain
Mandy, the brave but stubborn pilot
Doc, the crews engineer and mechanic
and finally Butch, the strongman of the crew.

I hope you've enjoyed this project and I will update in the future when I can.

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