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Pirates of the Caribbean Diorama

What is it?
It is a small diorama. It shows Jack Sparrow and Barbossa in a small fight ;-) It also shows a prisoner who tries to get the key. I think everyone who rode the ride in the Disneyland knows this scene. Maybe he is successful because he uses a sausage and no bone :-) You may see also the Black Pearl and a Skull island in micro style. The native people in the small village light a big fire. They are hungry but who or what will be a part of the meal?
I had a lot of fun to build the octopus also.

Why did you build it?
Pirates of the Caribbean is one of my favorite all-time movies.
The movie is exciting and funny. There are great stunts, a good story and very good actors.

Why do you believe this would make a great LEGO set?
It would be a great set because there is nothing like it at the moment.
How could you honor a great movie more than with a LEGO set.
I think this little set would be a bestseller for adults.
It is small and can stand nicely in a showcase.

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