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Jaws: Shark Fishing on the Orca

Hi Fishermen! What would you think about hunting the great white shark to get the reward?

Based on the movie "Jaws" directed by Steven Spielberg in 1975, this amazing Lego set project gives you the opportunity of re-creating famous fishing scenes from it.

Now board on the highly detailed Orca Boat with Quint, Hooper and Chief Brody. It's equiped with all the fishing equipement: shark cage, fishing rod, chair with belt, shark food... It also have a full interior including radio, couch, table, glasses with bottle and books. Removable roof to look in.

This set is made of 2700 pieces to build Bruce the shark (named by the staff with the firstname of the lawyer because lawyers are often compared to skarks), the Orca Boat with fishing stuff, a sea base, a jaws custom display stand with the famous Amity Regatta Poster, a buoy, a swimming matress and 9 mini figures.

This playable builds offer you to play some cool fishing party against shark or to re-create your favorite scenes from the movie.

Adult experts or Jaws big fans can also build a Bruce Shark figure or an Orca boat figure, both on a sea plate with black borders as seen in the architecture serie. The more sophisticated fans can also bound them together to represent the final scene where the shark jumps on the Orca!

I think this set would be a great present for adults fan of Jaws or kids fan of sharks because of the many possibilities offered to play or display...

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