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Model Car Kit


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A lego supercar like no other...

I have designed this supercar not only as a nice display model but as an educational set as well.

The model features many details typical for real life super cars.

Down to the core chassis components it closely resembles a modern assembled supercar.

Although the finished model looks great, the real fun of it is in the construction.

Building component by component before the final assembly is very satisfying.

The chassis is compromised out of a carbon fiber monocoque tub with titanium front and rear subframes. 

The engine bay holds a twin turbo 3.8L V8 with 7-speed dual clutch transmission and kinetic energy recovery system.

Components include:

  • Carbon chassis with titanium front and rear subframes.
  • Engine with transmission and KERS.
  • Exhaust system with insulated pipes and muffler.
  • Manifold, air intakes and intercoolers.
  • Front axle with steering cylinder, steering gear and shock absorbers.
  • Rear axle with independent suspension.
  • Engine Control Unit with main wiring harness.
  • Windscreen wiper fluid reservoir.
  • Cooling fluid reservoir.
  • Oil reservoir.
  • Driver and passenger seat with center console.
  • Dashboard module with instruments.
  • Fuel tank.
  • Battery.
  • Hydraulic unit for steering.
  • Removable stylish bodywork.

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