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Formula 1 : Battle for the Title


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The Story :

Who will win the title this year, Max, Sergio, Lewis or Valtteri ? The race is on !!!

The four models represent the top cars and drivers of Formula 1 in 2021.

The models :

All cars are based on an identical chassis, only the aerodynamic parts are different.

My goal was to make the cars as realistic as possible without adding stickers and managing to fit a complete minifigure in ! 

The set :

The proposed set contains :
- 4 cars
- 4 drivers
- 1 podium
- 3 cups
- a chocolate plate to consolate the fourth ;-D

Until now, Lego has almost never offered a set with several cars from different teams.

But when you play, you want to simulate overtaking and rivalries between drivers and teams.

It would be really nice if the final set would have a complete grid with 20 cars.

Comments :

I would love to hear your comments and ideas on how to further improve these models.

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