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150 Years of 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea

"Live in the heart of the seas ! Here alone lies independence ! Here I recognize no superiors ! Here I'm free !"

- Captain Nemo

150 years ago one of the myghtiest books in History was published. Writen by the father of modern Science-Fiction Jules Verne. It was not only the best-known book of it's author, but also the source of inspiration and dreams for generations of readers.

Ahead of it's time, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea predicted the avent of the submarine's technology and underwater's travels, but also brings a very modern reflection on the political and ecological issues of the oceans.

With this book, many children, teenagers and adult have become aware of the importance of the sea's preservation, and the natural beauty of it. The work of Jules Verne went through the ages, inspired countless adventurers, scientists, engineers, writers... Until it becomes one of the most read classic authors in the world.

His legacy is still visible today, 20 000 Leagues Under the Sea is the 5th most translated book in the world, one of the most read, and the most studied in all schools around the globe.

This is why, for celebrating the 150th anniversary of this book and the 65th of the Disney's movie, I wanted to pay tribute to the most famous French author in History by creating this set, featuring the Nautilus, the mythical submarine of the Captain Nemo.

The set contains 1700 bricks and features the famous scene of the giant squid's attack.

I really like the 1954 Disney movie but I wanted to modernize a little bit the original design and create a more personal Nautilus, Hope this will not displease the movie's fans ;)

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